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About Sunjray Training

With rapid technology advancements and commoditization of products, superior design and engineering skills have become a key decisive factor for the success of companies. These skills enable companies to continuously innovate and keep ahead of the competition. Qualified engineers well-versed to handle technologies are one of the most important resources for a company.

With Sunjray Infosystems deep expertise, we not only provide innovative product solutions, but also provide a decisive edge to careers with our training services to the upcoming generation

We offer a comprehensive range of courses and workshops, that are structured to provide you with practical industry knowledge and enhance your capabilities to apply the technologies. Sunjray's training services are offered in a variety of formats through regularly scheduled classes or adapted to suit your requirements for onsite training.

In partnership with our International partners, we provide industry certified training courses. Advanced specialist training courses are available on request, which allow participants to interact with our experts working at the forefron.

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If you are interested in learning more about, any of our products or service offerings, have any questions about training, or are interested in speaking with someone from our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We welcome feedback, questions and general inquiries. Please contact us and we will be in touch with you right away.