Radar Water Flow Sensor Non-Moveable

Radar Water Flow Sensor Non-Moveable

SI-3 System Interface


The stand-alone SI-3 stationary radar unit sets new standards for size and configurability. Information outputs to a serial port for communication with standard numeric display signs, radar message trailers, computers, and conveyer belt controls.

Part Number: SI-3


Special Application Radar

The SI-3 was designed to meet a wide variety of demands, including radar message trailers, computers, and conveyer belt controls. A self-contained, stand-alone unit, the SI-3’s internal firmware is customizable, allowing changes to range, output format as well as many other options. SI-3 has all the good qualities and technical features of SI-2 but is almost half the size. With weight of 0,52kg (1,14lbs) and length of 14,05cm (5,6in) SI-3 is easy to fit almost anywhere. Replacing the cable to the side instead of the back like it is at SI-2, the radar shortens even more.


• K-Band Antenna
• Directional
• RS232 Serial Port
• Stationary Mounted Radar Systems
• 5-150mph (8-241 km/h) Speed Range
• Range: 1,500ft (457,2m : default setting) 3,000 ft ( 914,4m : maximum range)
• Highly Customizable to Meet Customers Needs

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