Data Logger

Data Logger

YDH series data logger is the new generation of data loggers. It combines the latest communication technology with advanced measurement technology, and is based on FPGA technology to make it especially powerful. It can process multi-analog input channels at both low and high rates of sampling. Measurement data can be accurately acquired, independently stored and transmitted to the internet or a PC for evaluation via optional USB, LAN, WLAN or GPRS. YDH series data logger is available in optional versions which differ only in the number of analog and digital inputs they can process. All YDH series data logger could be expanded to 4GB memories that can independently store up to 125 million measurement values with date and time stamps to msec precision. Storage capacity can be extended as required via external USB or LAN storage devices (NAS). An integrated, energy-saving “sleep function“ automatically switches off the device during breaks in measurement acquisition. The All YDH series datalogger operates with solar units. Precision measurement is ensured through the use of a 16-bit converter. Voltages can also be precision recorded to the μV range. All channels are galvanically isolated to suppress earthing loops and the tried and tested input circuitry protects the device against voltage spikes. Electromechanical components are avoided (relays multiplexer), and the device operates noise and maintenance free. The patented analog inputs guarantee years of reliable measuring work.

Technical Specifications – YDH Series Datalogger

 Widely deployed in more than 5000 sites
Open design, operating with a wide variety of sensors in hydrology, meteorology and environment monitoring.
 multi tasking operating system capable of  simultaneous data collection and transmission
 change of setup do not affect logged data
 plug and play ease of setup using a windows based graphical views
 Non-volatile Flash memory that can one store year of data and expandable to a minimum of 4GB
 ADC resolution ≥ 16 bit
 Yes but also could be set up upon user’s option
 user configurable alarms (triggering)
 Multi-tasking operating system-must log data and transmit at same time
 monitoring of voltage level
 Internal clock with drift less than 2 seconds per day (can be accomplished with GPS specified below
TCP/IP type capable of sending data based on threshold exceedance as well as responding to queries through GPRS
Analogue – Single Ended/ Voltage/ Differential Input, Quadrature/pulse Input, USB Input/Output, RS232/485 PORTS, SDI-12 port option, Gray code port
4 analogue, four digital channels, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, one Ethernet and counter channel
LCD True display

Connecting and controlling capacity of GSM/GPRS modem

Quadrature Input 1 channel
Processor Functions Configuration parameters: stored is non volatile EEPROM
Clock Calendar clock comply with leap year compensation, 2 time of day alarms
Power Input Voltage +10 to +15VDC
Operating current less than 15mA (at 12VDC) (Without sensors / Modems)
Input protection Fuse surge protection, reverse polarity and over voltage
Supply Sources AC or DC power sources
Operating Temperature -25°C to +85°C
Humidity 0-95%RH (Non-Condensing)
Vibration Sustainable 10-500Hz, to 2G
Construction Circuit Boards surface mounted components, internal power &ground planes
Waterproofing IP65
Connections On board connectors

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