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Sunjray is committed to provide the best suitable solution to their customers. Focusing mainly on environmental and water domain, Sunjray acquires a stable step because of their innovative concepts which helps their clients to achieve the goal that they need for their business. The rapidly expanding "Internet of Things" is the base of Sunjray's core domain with Business Intelligence (BI) in front end as the cream on top of it. Capturing heterogeneous data from different sources using the Sunjray's customized Gateway is another miles stone that Sunjray achieves in a short span of time in "Internet of Things" arena.

Sunjray has products related to Water resources. There are different types of sensors available considering the specific climatic conditions. Considering the hot and humid conditions in India, we suggest the most suitable products mentioned in this page. However, the customized products can be available on demand if required. The detailed product brochures can be downloaded from the link provided.

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Sunjray is a dedicated IOT company for industry clients seeking help with Design, Technology and Engineering solutions across all stages of their growth life cycle